THE LAST KMBP LIVE EPISODE OF 2020 : ” The KMBP Guide to Freedom ” Wrap-Up!

We shot the very last Live episode of KMBP this past week, and went out with a fuckin’ BANG. Lots of drinks, shots, insults, drops, slurs, phone calls, Barney Vellicose, Doug Williams, Bill Cosby, some dude from somewhere, and more. It was, for intents and purposes, ” The KMBP Guide to Freedom! ”

This image is designed to give you a sense of pride and a safe, warm feeling on the part of your body where you go pee-pee.


Have you seen the totally original TV show ” The Walking Dead “? There’s an episode that they go to the CDC Headquarters and the guy in there tells the BIG SECRET…..

This doomed fool was a perfectly healthy and athletic 26-year old male until he went to the Meijer store on 8 Mile in Detroit without a mask. Now he bleeds 24-7 from every orifice and begs to be shot every day. Lord help him.



Yes, it is true, we all have the ” Rona ” in our system and we will all test positive when we are sick. This is the big hustle. You will be getting the biometric ID also known as “digital identification” and your health status and interactions as well as vaccination status will be a factor in that score. Welcome to 1940s Germany.

Stay inside. Cover your face. Don’t touch anyone. Keep watching your screens. Netflix and chill. Have your food delivered. Wait for your vaccine. REPEAT. AGAIN. AND AGAIN. AND AGAIN. AND AGAIN.

KMBP HEALTH SEGMENT : – Covid 19 is making us rats

How to make someone live in a box

  1. Put fluoride in the water and make them docile

2. Give them covid 19 

3. Take away/ diminish sense of smell and taste, so they can eat shit food and live in a tiny cube, 1984-style.

General Jack Ripper predicted this entire ” Rona-Rat “ scenario way back in 1964 when he found out the commie conspiracy to add fluoride to our water supply.

KMBP PODCAST SEZ……. the Rona makes you a RAT by taking away your smell and taste and locking you in a cage! Why do you drink bottles of water? No flouride! All of these facts sited from John B. Calhoun’s experiments, which started with rats in an outdoor pen and then moved on to mice at the National Institute of Mental Health during the early 1960s sponsored by the Rockefeller foundation. Eh? EH?? KMBP not only entertaining you, but giving you a heaping helping of knowledge, too!

CUNT OF THE WEEK : Gretchen Whitmer, because she’s a cunt.

Stretchin’ Titmer is seen here watching the Live episode of KMBP and not liking the way we’re pointing out that she has one tit wayyy bigger than the other.

CUCK OF THE WEEK : The entire state of California, whose commie fearless leaders have put everyone on a massive three-week lockdown where nobody can travel, walk, drive, or have any gathering whatsoever. Good luck, Cali. High rents, smoggy air, and being kept inside like the ant colony that you are is obviously working out for you. I’ll bet Joe Rogan is laughing his muscular & rich dick off right about now.

Stay inside and rot, my little tax animals. I’m gonna go party with my rich friends and eat the brains of newborn babies for fun, while your feeble restaurants and bars close by the dozens. HA HA HA HA HA!
One of these men has betrayed the trust of the public, lied about reality, taken advantage of the weakness of humans…..and other man is Patrick Bateman.

From the KMBP Science Newsroom : Exploring the complex Female anatomy.

With a very compact brain and ultra lightweight hollow bone structure, the woman’s body is specially designed for quick and easy movement through piles of laundry and dirty dishes, making chores a breeze without being bogged down by over-thinking or the mass of a full size man skeletal structure.

As you can see, this woman is perfectly happy doing what she’s supposed to be doing : cleaning a toilet with a delightful smile on her face. This is proof positive that women were made by God himself to clean up and be quiet.
The vagina and butthole of a wamyn. Hint : ALL GAY MEN HATE THIS.

DUMB JOKE OF THE WEEK : I had sex with a black chick years ago and noticed she had hairy legs, so I told her to shave them in my bathroom. Now I know that what I did was exactly like the movie “ ROOTS “. HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR

Good Luck, America – YOU picked this unlikeable fucking swamp bitch. So when the old pedophile croaks in his first two years in office and this wretched scum whore COP is the President of The United States and scolding the rest of us tax animals, remember – YOU PICKED HER.
” Hey guys, the first one to suck the cum out of this chick’s asshole wins a 24-pack of Miller Lite and a bucket of hot wings. Ready? GO!! ”
The only thing that I can tell that’s wrong with this picture is that it’s Little Caesars Pizza. Fuckin’ GROSS.

Well, that’s it for this week’s wrap-up, we’ll still be posting pre-taped shows like the KMBP ” Best & Worst of ” episode, the KMBP XMAS episode, and our KMBP New Year’s Eve show! The other good news is that we’re coming back strong in 2021 with a brand-new season, new swag, new branding, and our debut music album! This is gonna fucking AWESOME. 

Be at our YouTube channel every Wednesday for new shows and buy a t-shirt. It’s the only real way to combat the Chink Flu and help America be gooder again. MAZEL TOV!

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