” Revenge ON the Nerds ” KMBP EPISODE 19 WRAP-UP!

What has happened in the past 15 years is the aftermath of this movie from 1984. We need to bring back bullying and put these stupid nerds in their rightful place : with their heads stuffed in a gym locker.

Sometime around 20 years ago, the shift from the natural order of things occurred and short, skinny, timid dorks somehow got the memo that they have the right to speak, and not unlike fat ugly girls, decided that their lives and opinions are now WORTH something. Crazy, we know, but this completely backwards frame of mind caught hold in the public consciousness and the world at large began to take nerds seriously. It was from this perverted mentality that punchable little twerps like Mark Zuckerberg, Jack from Twitter, Jamie Kilstein, Patton Oswalt, and Judd Apatow have risen to tell the rest of us how to live, what is funny, what is acceptable speech, and how women should be treated. It’s the same mentality that spawned the ” Male Feminist “…which are really just pussy faggots who ended up in the friend zone, but actually want to rape their female friends out of anger and spite. These cowards all need to have their asses whipped…like a bunch of goddamned nerds. NERRRRRRDS!!!!!

Everyone with half of a spine and a lick of self-respect need to get in touch with their inner OGRE…and kick these fucking nerds out once and for all.

Overrated actress and self-entitled attention whore Ellen Page wants to now be called ” Elliot Page ” and of course, the movie industry immediately fell in line like the lemmings that they are. This tiny bitch already came out of the closet and married a woman, but I guess the excitement wore off and now she needs to again show the world how unique and special she is. What a complete asshole. The question now is, who wears the strap-on?

” Hi, my name is Ellen Page. After blowing minds by doing the unthinkable – coming out of the closet for being a rug-muncher and marrying a woman, I’ve decided I didn’t quite get the attention I wanted….and, my wife REALLY WANTS DICK. ”
This is photographic evidence that the scientists that grew an embryo in a test tube were able to split the cells into two and make separate human beings – one was named Justin, and the other was called Ellen. The same embryo. Now take some acid and think about THAT shit.
Here’s Ellen with her wife, Ms. Unimportant Blah Blah Blah. Is Ellen now a gay man married to a woman? How exactly does this work?
….aaannd, *poof!* Ellen Page is now a straight white male. Enjoy your privilege, Ellen!
WHICH IS GAYER : the SNL character ( clearly played by a woman ) on the left, or the shaft-riding homo on the right? If you remember, we took back the rainbow and gave the gays red flannel…which he’s proudly sporting while gently cupping his tea like a pair of hairy man-plums.
Chaz Bono used to be a cute little blonde girl named Chastity. Now, she looks exactly like everyone I know at the bar, which is actually kinda rad. Let’s do some shots, Chaz!
Oh, by the way – in case you might’ve forgotten, here’s the pedophile you all voted for to be the leader of the free world. Good luck, America!

Stephen Colbert interviewing Barack Obama this past week was the most graphic example of tongue-washing a pair of black balls that I’ve ever seen. I’ve witnessed graphic gay porn that was less gay than this grown man gush over another grown man. He actually said with a straight ( no pun intended ) face to Obama, “ I just want to take a moment, TO DRINK YOU IN…for just a moment. “ It was EXACTLY the same thing as watching a large athletic man spit all over another man’s asshole and then gently push his huge veiny cock deep inside that man’s butt. And then leave it there. NO pumping.

And lastly, the movie “ Revenge of the Nerds “ is a film that celebrates discrimination, coercion, stereotyping, social hazing, revenge porn, blackmailing, and unwanted rape ( not the funny kind rape when you kinda like it, but the unwanted kind where your no-no parts hurt afterwards ). BUT – it’s a cute and fun 80’s movie for the whole family! 

Hey, Gilbert – let’s create a thing called ” social media ” where we get to tell everyone how to talk, think, and what to buy….and we’ll make a shitload of money and never be in fear of going to jail for our actions. Sounds good, huh?
Don’t mind me, I just had sex with you under false pretenses. And this is NOT a rape, okay? I repeat – this is NOT A RAPE. “

For the record, we here at KMBP would like it to be known that our pronouns are ” You ” and ” Your Mom “. So, if you say that KMBP should be kicked off of Instagram, what you’re really saying is…Your Mom should be kicked off of Instagram. HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR

That’s it for this week’s wrap-up, go to our YouTube channel to see our Live show every Wednesday at 8pm. Call in to the show and tell us how big your dick is!

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