The following list below are just some of the people that I used to like because of their work, but now don’t give two fucks about.

Here is a list of some comedians, musicians, bands, and public figures that I used to admire at one time in my life and now, in the age of cancel culture and social media, have proven that they suck, have sold out, and shown to me that they’re no longer worthy of praise or attention. I’ll be adding to this list later, and giving my reasons why they all made the list in the first place. Here goes, in no particular order :

  • Jello Biafra ( Annoying lisping communist. All of the lyrics to all of the Dead Kennedys songs are just Reagan-era irrelevant hyper-liberal drivel that is only appealing to a teenager. I can’t even listen to that band anymore and his spoken word stuff sucks, too. )
  • Marc Maron ( Formally funny annoying jew. I used to love his podcast WTF and saw him live a couple of times. His last special was mostly a Trump Derangement Syndrome-a-thon and the laughs were sparse. I don’t listen to his podcast anymore because it sucks and so does he. )
  • Kevin Smith ( One-trick pony of a filmmaker and now a total SJW. And jean shorts are fucking gay. I made the huge mistake of watching ” Jay and Silent Bob Reboot ” on Amazon Prime and looking at how old everyone looked was so jarring I had to turn it off after 10 minutes. Just fuck off and quit making stuff. )
  • Steve Albini ( overrated recording engineer who did his best work before the year 1995, champion of underground noise rock, founder of the band ” Rapeman “, who now is nearing 60 years old and now wants so-called offensive speech to fail. You’re a fucking PHONY. )
  • Jen Kirkman ( Used to be funny, but is just a bitter aging cunt. )
  • Larry Flynt ( RIP – He had a wonderfully offensive porno magazine and made a lot of money showing the inside of a woman’s no no parts, but why was he a democrat? They HATED him. Now he’s dead and nobody gave a flying fuck. )
  • The Beastie Boys ( specifically Mike D….Rich jewish snobs who made their bones ripping off black culture. You can’t fuck with their first three albums, which were perfect, but knowing that they’re all SJWs makes listening to their music kinda suck. Mike D is a faggot, too. )
  • Eminem ( I never liked him before, but fuck him now anyways. His anti-Trump rap he did a few years back was so fucking gay that the corpse of Paul Lynde came back from the dead just to call Eminem a HOMO. And, it’s obvious he dyes his beard and shot a ton of botox into his face. GAYER THAN AIDS. )
  • Chelsea Handler ( hypocritical corporate dick-sucking unfunny virtue signaling former comedian who desperately wants to be an activist. She made millions from fucking the head of the E! Network, got her own show from sucking so much dick, and was wildly successful from being a mean person….only to end up taking herself way too seriously and succumbing to the biggest case of TDS – Trump Derangement Syndrome ever. She’s a total asshole. )
  • Fat Mike from NOFX ( complete and utter hypocritical rich rock star who loves to say how inclusive he is but shows over and over that he’s just another millionaire elitist hiding behind one of the most boring forms of music ever created – California melodic punk rock. And BDSM is fucking all-around stupid. )
  • Noel Gallagher ( used to be in one of the greatest rock bands in the world and now is a shadow of his former self and makes some of the most boring middle of the road music ever made. You can tell he’s pussy-whipped. )
  • Amy Schumer ( COMPLETE PHONY IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD. She was a decent comedian that I actually saw live, but since then she’s proven that she always just wanted to be a popular Hollywood actress and not slogging it out on the road in comedy clubs. Massive fat girl SJW energy. )
  • Bill Burr ( Almost edgy, but saves himself because he’s married to a black woman and shies away from really going over the line. Used to be amazing. Now, you can tell where his bread is buttered and he obviously took on all of his wife’s politics. BORRRRRRING. )
  • Sarah Silverman ( COMPLETE HYPOCRITICAL PHONY. I used to think she was kinda hot for a jew broad, and her movie ” Jesus is Magic ” had some really funny parts, but since then she is a perfect example of what happens when women get older, lose their fuckability, have no kids, and smoke too much pot with their fellow rich Hollywood elite SJW friends. Her ship has sailed. Next! )
  • Jim Norton ( Shadow of his former self. Nothing edgy, dangerous, or interesting. Falls back on the same ” I love trannies ” jokes, but you know he doesn’t live that life at all. Overall boring, hasn’t been funny since Patrice O’ Neal was still alive. )
  • Seth McFarlane ( Hypocrite and another Hollywood elite. I’m glad I never fell for the ” Family Guy ” hype in the first place. )
  • Doug Stanhope ( Yeah, we get it. You’re drunk and you live in a wacky house. Hasn’t been interesting or funny in almost ten years. )
  • Patton Oswalt ( Trump Derangement Syndrome took away all of his funny. And, I heard that he killed his wife. )
  • Greg Gutfeld ( He was pretty good on Red Eye, but his new show ” The Five ” is fucking stupid. When the Derek Chauvin verdict came in, he showed what side of his bread is buttered by talking out of both sides of his mouth. Another rich phony who doesn’t want to lose his cushy media job. Next. )

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