KMBP SHOW NOTES : ” The Human Centipede ” Season 4, Episode 6


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The human centipede, coming to theaters near you august 2009.

And…Funyuns! The onion ring shaped pork rind treat!

Need something that looks like an onion ring but just don’t have the time to stop at a bar? 

Grab a bag of these and you should lose your appetite after about 3 rings!

“ Funyuns, try them again, for the last time! “

Biden’s lapdog Jen Szaki tells everyone they’re going to be censored everywhere

Raun Paul argues with Fauci at hearing, Fauci becomes unhinged

Bill Gates and George Soros SCORE! ​​They own the test, they own the cure, they own the patent on the virus. This is how you win at MONOPOLY!!

Biden tells Cubans not to come to US

AOC is pimping her own clothing line

The Left is eating itself – they are literally The Human Centipede

“ Asian Carp “ rebranded because tag is deemed racist – what’s next? Chinese Food is just called FOOD? 

The SJW left wants to change Shark Attack to “ Shark Negative Encounter “. GAYYYYYYYYYY

Stranger Things actor David Harbour says everyone should agree with socialism

U.S. government now has legal access to censor everyone’s texts

Schoolboard YouTube videos show parents are pissed and teachers don’t give a fuck

South Africa shows civilians shooting civilian looters and it’s graphic as hell

We still can’t get a Naked Chicken Chalupa at Taco Bell 

Al Bundy is my spirit animal 

The phrase “ Love is Love “ is totally gay

The movie “ Orgazmo “ is better than all of the Marvel superhero movies combined

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