KMBP SHOW NOTES : ” THE GREAT GOODBYE ” Season 4, Episode 14


KMBP Local News – loud barking dog in Al’s neighborhood is a COUNTRY dog, NOT a city dog.  

KMBP News – 

1. AOC went to an elite gala at The Met and wore a “ Tax the Rich “ dress because she is a hypocritical CUNT. 

2. Australia is on total lockdown and arresting people. They say ” if you ever want your life to resemble normal, you gotta get the jab “. ( in crocodile dundee voice ) That’s not a lockdown….THIS is a lockdown!

3. Mike Patton from Faith No More cancelled an entire tour the other day because he’s “ suffering from mental health issues exacerbated by the pandemic “. Well – GET IN FUCKIN’ LINE, YOU GODDAMNED PUSSY!!! 

KMBP “ Goodbye “ segment : 

Goodbye to a time when a man could be a man, and smoke a cigarette with his breakfast and put it out in his pancakes, or drop it in his coffee. No, a man can’t be  a man, but he can be a woman, the strongest woman, and beat on women, in MMA. Yes anything is possible these days. 

Goodbye to bullies. The yin to the NERD yang. Now the nerds will go unchecked and become the new bully. A stinky, zit faced, tight pants having, glasses wearing, uhh excuse me I believe you have my stapler goof who will burn this whole fucking place down cause he doesn’t fit in. 

Goodbye to the world we once knew

To the future we once hoped to see

To the freedom we once enjoyed 

To the friendships we held dear 

The world we know is changing and so many are glad to give it all up. And for what you ask? NOTHING. less than nothing in fact, to a loss of freedoms and rights so massive it comes with handcuffs. Yes, that’s right, if you stand up for what you once knew and loved, you will be put into handcuffs for things that will forever be known as relics of the past.

Goodbye trips to Europe 

And to exploring Australia, the land down under.

They gave up the right to bear arms and face the most intense lockdown in the world, and you will not travel there to see it. 

Goodbye to our right to free unmolested travel. Our travel within the borders is all that is left, but this will soon come to an end. Our new future is becoming very clear. Vaccine passports on your cellular tracking device WILL BE MANDATORY. 

The powerful elites do not want a free roaming society that thinks and moves as it pleases, no that is for them not for us. However the weak and powerless are easily manipulated and can’t wait to give away our right to privacy free movement and anonymity in the name of “safety”. 

The largest private farmland owner in the union is none other than our “dad” and minister of health bill gates! After making billions of tech dollars from Apple into trillions of dollars from vaccination bucks, the only logical move is to become a farmer and feed all of us the food of the future, and that food is…. whatever the FDA DECIDES. Tax dollars pay for vaccines and foodstamps will pay for this product as well. Its only makes sense that he pulls the strings of the governing bodies that put the rules in place that make these ventures profitable. 1000% profitable. After funding WHO and fueling a great global reset this man will have shown puppet like control over so many world leaders and institutions glad to be a part of the NEW WORLD ORDER, but look the other way and say nothing, as this observation would certainly make you a CONSPIRACY THEORIST and a confirmed nut-job. 

Goodby to self preservation. Don’t live for you, live for others, be a ward of the state. Stay home and demand a living wage for an entry level job you won’t even do. Find a cause an bury your head in the sand fighting for a thing because that’s “your thing”. So what if it is bad for hard working tax paying middle class, and serves tax dodging corporations, you stand up for your cause and nobody can tell you otherwise. 

Goodbye to rational thinking, critical thinking, all Logical thought and the effect these lost thoughts will bring.

We are now a reactive society, like deer, or a herd of sheep that respond to our shepherd commands on the verizon wireless 5g network. 

Goodbye world wide web 🌐 

The censors are here and we are on the way out. As tested in communist China, a censored version of the internet keeps the populous in its place. You need to know only what you need to react to, as you are but a sheep. It started with our free speech. Alex jones, conspiracy nutjob#1 is censored and deleted from all tenticles of the social media monster, followed by many other free thinkers you may have subscribed to on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. One notable censored conspiracy theorist, who’s name may ring a bell, 45th president of the United States Donald J. Trump, banned from all platforms, did not raise quite enough alarm for people and will certainly ensure that the straight jacket that encapsulates us will continue to slowly tighten. 

Goodbye to historical record. 

Much like the burning of the library of Alexandria, we will face the same fate. Since the year 2000, all of our recent history has been digitally recorded and held on the internet in one way or another as a form of storage. Nobody bothers to collect books or compact discs or tapes as a record in this, the third decade of the twenty-first century, and it will come to pass that this is an unrecognized and unrecorded time in our history.  Through censorship and the scrubbing of videos and other form of storage. Nobody bothers to collect books or compact discs or tapes as a record in this, the third decade of the twenty-first century, and it will come to pass that this is an unrecognized and unrecorded time in our history.  Through censorship and the scrubbing of videos and other forms of record, we are losing large amounts of video from true and important events that have had an effect on the current state of our society. When this knowledge is lost, and the path to our present is erased, we will only know what we are told by or shepherds to move the herd. 

Goodbye independent research. 

The warren report summed up the JFK assassination and put a bow on top to end any speculation that he was targeted by a conspiracy of actors to remove the president from power. 

The 9/11 commission report served as yet another tool to end any speculation that this world changing event was a plot to move into the middle east and take military action in a region that would be occupied for the next 20 years.

These collective efforts not only stand to quash rumors and speculation to the contrary, but also were concluded before their investigations had begun. 

Within 24hrs of JFK’s assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald was named as the lone assassin, in newspapers around the world. In the case of 9/11, osama bin laden was named as a person of interest that same day, BEFORE a building had even collapsed. 

What does it all mean? That we don’t need to know what happened because. Because why? Because. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together is also unacceptable because it pulls back the curtain and exposes the truth. You want to know how the sausage is made? No. You do not, and if you did we would tell you a nice heartwarming story about how the animal died from natural causes and we didn’t use lips and assholes at all.

But this isn’t the truth. The truth is that we burned our name into the cows ass then shot that fucker in the head an threw it in the meat grinder. But that ain’t all, we did this 500 times and all 500 times we chopped off the lips and assholes then ground those up and put them into a casing made of intestines. The same intestines that carry shit from said lips to said assholes. Now you happy?  No? Of course you aren’t happy because the truth is that you don’t want know what it takes to make the current world work the way it does and if people all grew up knowing that is how things are then shit might change, but it won’t change, because it is all being deleted form the internet it is stored on. The library of Alexandria is on fire and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

KMBP “ Rapid Fire “ segment : 

You might be an idiot if…

  1. You think you’re a democrat
  2. You think you’re a republican
  3. You think you’re a man
  4. You think you’re a woman
  5. You think you’re not a fag
  6. You think you’re a good moral person
  7. You think you can fight an animal
  8. You think you can eat as many Nathan’s hot dogs as Takeru Kobayashi
  9. You think your car is rad as fuck
  10. You think your cock is nice looking

KMBP Urban Dictionary word of the week : “ SIMP “ 

KMBP “ What’s In The Bag? “ segment


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