KMBP SHOW NOTES ” TAX THE BITCH ” Season 4, Episode 15

KMBP Season 4, Episode 15 “ TAX THE BITCH “  

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KMBP “ Rapid Fire “ segment :

Worst place to shit


At a girl’s house after a first date

In a girls mouth after a first date


Strip Club

HARPO’S in Detroit

The sidewalk in front of harpOs

The Old Miami on Cass Ave in Detroit

In a quiet person’s house during a holiday meal


KMBP Local News : 

John went to Frankenmuth, just to be surrounded by the fattest people on the planet, ate some horrible pizza & seafood ravioli at a stupid resturaunt, went home and had a stomachache. AUF WIEDERSEHEN, FRANKENMUTH!!

Soyboy neighbor goes full Karen and tells kmbp show’s MT can producer “I need to get in my driveway ” and after immediate apology replies with classic quip ” I still need to get in my driveway!”  …..I sure hope you don’t talk to your wife and my son that way.(he’s a cuck)

I went to Popeye’s last week and ordered a spicy chicken sandwich with a large mashed potatoes with a SEPARATE container of gravy. It was so fucking good, that when I was dipping the sandwich into the gravy with every bite….I almost started crying. 

Kmbp finance report: 

        As Congress considers new infrastructure spending, policymakers are looking to find unconventional sources of revenue to fund their plans. One proposal under serious consideration would require all financial institutions to report to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) how much money has gone into and out of accounts that have a balance of $600 or more. 

KMBP News : 

Nicki Minaj, a former hooker, is breaking the narrative by telling people to question the vaccine and Coof hysteria. Racist liberal white people are losing their shit because THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO TALK TO A BLACK WOMAN WITH A DIFFERENT OPINION. 

Sarah Silverman, a former comedian, is breaking the narrative by bringing the idea of a national divorce – where the left goes into a gay bar and the right go to a rodeo. Conservatives love this change of events, and racist liberal white people are losing their shit because THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO TALK TO A JEWISH WOMAN WITH A DIFFERENT OPINION. 

Gabby Petito, a former living person, disappeared with her fiance while on a cross-country van trip, and now it seems that her remains have been found and her fiance is now on the run. Racist liberal white people are losing their shit because THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO MAKE THIS CRIME RACIST AND TRUMP’S FAULT. 

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KMBP main segment :  

KMBP bits : 

AOC walks into the Met Gala last week and her gay minions lose their gay shit. Let’s cut to the video audio track! “ ohhh my god, AAAAYYY OHHHH SEEEE “!!!! Who wore it better, aye ohh si OR chick fillet meal? UPDATE : her dress designer is a tax cheat herself who owes a shitload of money to everyone including the Girl Scouts of America! 

CNN’s proud gay journalist Don Lemon and the brother of Andrew Cuomo called the unvaxxed “ stupid “….showing what the Rich Elite really think about the American public. In a perfect world, Don Lemon would be selling his mouth for drugs and Fredo would just be a middle-aged goomba hanging out at high schools trolling for young girls. Let’s go to the video! 

Former shock-jock Howard Stern shits all over his former fan base by saying “ fuck your freedom “ about the unvaxxed. This senior citizen germaphobe does his show in a secret bunker in Florida, far away from the unwashed masses and any of the people who made him famous in the first place. I personally used to love Howard Stern,  but I haven’t listened to this aging SELL-OUT who also wears a wig, in many years. “ EFF JACKIE!!! “

Prince Harry and his wife who made him leave the royal family, Meghan Markle were on the cover of TIME Magazine last week and the picture shows just how much a cucked eunuch Harry is. HE’S TELLING THE WORLD THAT HE LOVES GETTING PEGGED WITHOUT TELLING THE WORLD THAT HE LOVES GETTING PEGGED. 

Former blackface bit comedian turned liberal cunt Jimmy Kimmel says unvaxed should die rather than receive medical attention. Just transition already you cunt.

KMBP “ What’s In The Bag? “ segment : 


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