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2.Pre intro:

Kmbp disclaimer: my attorney has advised me that is important to state the following: the KMBP PODCAST is a well rehearsed comedy routine intended for a mature audience. Any portions of this routine found to be offensive will be considered “failed segments” and will be repeated, modified, and massaged until they reach “full completion” *que intro*

3.kmbp news intro

Kmbp news maincourse: current state of the border. 

People of all races have been storming the border for months now and the situation had in previous months devolved to what some would describe as “a long line of very hungry patrons” 

We here at the KMBP NEWS desk happen to agree and have risked life and limb traveling to the border to give you an in depth and personal look at the current state of our most local border location. 

Callers: please feel free to check in and give a state of the border from your perspective as this is a crisis that effects us all!

Taco Bell’s Naked Chicken Chalupa : a metaphor about the ongoing crisis at our nation’s southern border? Or just a delicious fast food product only available for a limited time? …WE BREAK IT DOWN!

Random Food Reference : “ Suckin’ on Chili Dog… “ from “ Jack & Diane “ song by John Cougar Mellencamp. Do you really SUCK on a chili dog?? That seems weird and messy. 

Important Border Questions : Does anyone REALLY like refried beans? Don’t they just resemble baby poop? Why would you eat them unless you were a vegetarian?? 

….and another Important Border Question – Would you rather eat a plate of cold refried beans? Or listen to Kamala Kackle into your ear while you get head from a Mexican hooker? 

SIDE NOTE : I have a perverse fantasy that Kamala Harris becomes the President after Creepy Joe’s hard drive shuts off. That way, women everywhere will have to defend that cackling retarded bitch. And, the dirty secret about women is that WOMEN HATE OTHER WOMEN. So, that’ll be fun while everyone else runs for the border. 

The less a place can speak English, the better the Mexican food. AGREE OR NAH? 

I can never really learn to speak Spanish because I can’t roll my R’s. PRAY FOR ME. 

One of the most legendary and loved Taco Bell items was the ENCHIRITO. Remember that burrito-type thing covered in cheese, red sauce, with three olives served in a tin foil tray? I never had it in my life and I’m pissed that I can’t get one now. Tin foil trays are RAD. 


Ever had the Burger King taco? It was FUCKING HORRENDOUS. 

You ever put Taco Bell sauce on a REAL taco and put REAL Mexican hot sauce on a Taco Bell taco? YOUR WORLD WILL BE ROCKED. 


  • How to eat fast food – “ the meat n’ potatoes “ debate
  • The importance of food temperatures
  • Let’s talk about Al’s new air fryer! 

“ What’s In The Bag? “

Go through and say all of the drops at the end of the show. 

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