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Little Caesars pizzeria 

What’s hot and cheesy and ready to go in your mouth? No it’s not the entire cast of big bang theory, it’s a gigantic penis! 

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Kmbp Superbowl coverage news:

John went to the superbowl and noticed Ellen was not wearing a mask as a member of the audience,  but when he watches her show, the audience is completely masked! What gives yo!? 

Eminem taking a knee during his halftime performance – why did he feel the need to do that?  …and why I think Marshall Mathers has lived a charmed life. Does anyone even buy his records anymore? I have a theory that he’s been propped up for the last 15 years by the rich elites. 

Eminem is a woman.

He has jet black facial hair

Wears makeup 

Has had a TON of plastic surgery. 

Why is he so angry? Have a snickers already.  

Kneeling for the people like a true badass. and by badass I mean white knight. And by kneeling of course I mean gaslighting. And by gaslighting I mean lighting your booty burps on fire.

….it’s just like SNL. Who in the fuck is that garbage show FOR? It’s definitely being propped up and subsidized by corporate interests, because it’s about as funny as a finger being sliced with a butter knife. 

Tons of celebrities going maskless, getting drunk, no social distancing, while us PLEBS have to obey the Biden Administration’s bullshit rules. 

Michigan politics news:

Gretchen Titmer is STILL a cunt while she celebrates the Ambassador Bridge being re-opened and saying that trade and business can now continue….really?? What about the last 2 years, ya fuckin’ TWAT!!

Nothing to see here news:

Bob Saget’s autopsy says that his head injury was likened to “ being hit with a baseball bat “. The plot thickens….UPDATE 2/16/2022 : a judge has ruled that any further details about Bob Saget’s death and autopsy is to be SEALED on the request of his wife and daughters….WHHHHAAATT?????

Valentine’s news:

Cory Booker and Rosario Dawson broke up, but are still friends. Sources say that Rosario realized that she is a hot piece of ass, and that she was giving her beautiful tits and pussy to a….TOTALLY BALD DORKY NERD0 FAGGOT. 

CNN news:

Joe Rogan has now taken the place of Donald J. Trump as the sole reason why that piece of shit network CNN still has ANY ratings whatsoever. 


BIG NEWS AT DAVIES HQ : I bought a air fryer / toaster oven combo the other day….and it’s pretty good, but – I tried to do southern fried chicken legs in it, and they kinda sucked. 

Shout out jay’s parents for the hot sauce game! 

Joe Francis girls gone wild

Food and entertainment:

Old places you won’t go no mohh

Kmbp is now a reputable news source:

Our show is as reputable source for news as rachel maddow, and we like to share some of her thoughts.

Rachel Maddow sez…

Anything false Rachel Maddow says.

Trucker convoy update: Canadian government officials have used this as an opportunity to pass legislation, giving themselves the power to freeze any bank account without a warrant. Great. How fucking great. 

Ivermectin. Covid trump 

Solidarity news:

Kmbp stands in solidarity with Neil Yung and will NOT TAKE OUR CONTENT FROM SPOTIFY. His content is back on and so is ours. 

The scam demic narrative is falling apart keep pushing back. Oh wait they are just passing Emergency legislation now to keep us poor and Powerless. 

The definition of the word vaccine has been changed in 2021 as well as the word pandemic. Here is why. 

Jen psaki says they were never pro mandate.  REALLLYYYY?????

so what EXACTLY was it that HAD TO BE struck down by the Supreme Court? Cause i do believe it was a mandate on the workers in America to be vaccinated.  Just lie directly into the camera please. 

The vaccine has generated 100s billions of wealth for the pharmaceutical companies involved.  

These companies are immune from being sued due to life altering side effects.

This is an item that everyone would buy and could not be returned, and you can’t be compensated if it give you cancer. 

Nobody was wearing a mask at the souperbowel. The pandemic is officially over. 

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