KMBP SHOW NOTES : ” Chintin Tarantino ” Season 4, Episode 8


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Wilt chamberlain, thank you to fan of the show wilt chamberlain, 70s NBA superstar, known topping magic Johnson in stats sleeping with twenty thousand women, twenty thousand woman. 

TWENTY.THOUSAND. WOMEN.  ( That’s 3,000 more women than Gene Simmons of KISS! ) 

KMBP NEWS: mask MAN DATES are coming back! Man dates yass!!!

KMBP LOCAL NEWS : Marble Bar in Detroit and Small’s in Hamramck are now asking for vaccine passport or vaxx negative tests to drink a PBR….will this nonsense spread to Ferndale or places like Gusoline Alley? KMBP weighs in….( HINT – YES ) 

Kmbp world news exclusive: Crisis at the border !  live call to the nearest border locality for official word on the situation!

Quentin Tarantino fooled boys into believing women existed that talked like a guy that works at a movie rental store

Worked at a movie rental store and talked about movies for 8hrs at a time

Talked people out of the movie they wanted so they went to Blockbuster and got what they wanted. Then slipped the shitty movie back in the slot when they were closed. 


“ PULP FICTION “ is a movie about cheeseburgers and a butt watch. 

“ THE N-WORD EIGHT “ – The Hateful Eight is an amazing 3-hour long comedy about the many ways you can use the n-word and get away with it. The boys explain why! ( “ The Ninja in the stable has a letter from Abraham Lincoln?? “ ) 


Feet massage vs RAPE? Which one is a deal-breaker? Which one is illegal? The boys decide. 

YOU CAN BE TOO SKINNY : Kevin Smith looks like he’s melting. He looks like a crackhead who just took a hit off a rock and had a dick shoved in his ass. He bugs his eyes out because he has bags underneath his eyes. 

Everyone in “ Joy and Silent Bob Reboot “ looked so fucking old that it took me right out of the movie and I couldn’t watch it. He keeps trimming his beard smaller and smaller to out-run the grey. Soon, he’ll just have a pencil-thin “ John Waters “ moustache. 

WHY CERTAIN MOVIES ARE JUST LIKE MASHED POTATOES : Al Davis explains why “ The Terminator “ is the perfect movie. 

KMBP FOOD REVIEW : The new Burger King “ Ch-King Chicken Sandwich “…Al & John give their thoughts.


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