KMBP SHOW NOTES ” A Tribute To Jim Carrey ” Season 4, Episode 16

KMBP SEASON 4, EPISODE 16 “ A Tribute To Jim Carrey “ 

KMBP SPONSORS :  moderna, the vaccine works, for the globalists!

KMBP LOCAL NEWS : I have a squirrel, now I go up to random squirrels thinking they are him and they run away and I look like an idiot. To nobody. In my backyard.


KMBP “ Rapid Fire “ segment : 

The sexiest part of a woman is…Her tits

The sexiest part of a woman is…Her ass

The sexiest part of a woman is…Her bush

The sexiest part of a woman is…Her balls 

The sexiest part of a woman is…Her dick

JIM CARREY SUCKS. He’s an annoying garbage human and here’s the reasons why…

He’s one of the most overbearing over-actors in the world. 

He took an entire film hostage when he played Andy Kaufman in “ Man on the Moon “ and convinced Andy’s relatives that he actually WAS Andy. 

He banged his co-star ( NOT Jeff Daniels )  in “ Dumb and Dumber “ and she pretty much never worked again. 

His accent in the movie “ The Cable Guy “ is fucking unfunny and horrible

When he got his first TV show “ Duck Soup “ in the 1980’s, he invited his loser family to live with him in the U.S, and when the show got cancelled, he had to send everyone home. What a dick. 

He’s Canadian. Specifically, he’s from Ottawa. 

He suffers from one of the worst cases of TDS ( Trump Derangement Syndrome ) anyone’s ever seen. He paints pictures of Trump in order to insult him. It’s very weird and douchey. 

He gave an ex-girlfriend of his herpes and she was so traumatized by it, she committed suicide. 

He took a bunch of mushrooms and then started to say “ There is NO reality “. Why is it always famous rich Hollywood actors that can just go on an acid trip and convince themselves that nothing exists? THE REST OF US HAVE BILLS WE HAVE TO PAY!

“ STAR WARS IS DUMB “ re-cap : Already covered in my American Curmudgeon podcast ( quick plug )…..Star Wars should’ve always just been one movie with no sequels, and it was always just marketed for kids. GROW THE FUCK UP, NERDS!! 

The Lie of “ Nerd Culture “ : it didn’t exist 30 years ago, because being a Nerd was not something you ever wanted to be and you didn’t want to be friends with a Nerd either. Now, the Nerds own everything and they don’t want you to ever forget it. 

WHY DO I NEED TO KNOW YOUR PRONOUNS? : All of the LGBTQLMNOP+ people out there are making TikTok videos on what their pronouns are and what they identify as. I tell you what I identify as – I’m really a 28-year old, 6 foot, trust fund baby-turned-rock star who doesn’t pay a mortgage and also has a 10 inch cock. And THAT’s how I want everyone to treat me from now on because I want to live my truth and my true self. 

Craigslist Missed connections 

Milk crate challenge of the week – FAILS!

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