AMERICAN CURMUDGEON : ” You’re All Worthless and Weak “

Most people I’m surrounded with are stupid, weak, and gullible. They believe what the media tells them, they make stupid decisions, and they feel confident enough to tell other stupid, weak, and gullible people what to do and what to think.

Look at these stupid shitheads. They are all weak beta nerds who love the COVID jab, Batman, Star Wars, Wilco, Patton Oswalt, Stephen Colbert, and I could kill each and every one of them with my naked ballsack. No weapons or fists, just my naked ballsack.

There’s nothing more enraging than an ill-informed rule-loving dumbfuck dick-licking liberal MALE trying to make you feel stupid for trying to protect your own freedom. In fact, they have a gaslighting phrase just for that : ” Muh Freedoms! “

Wow. You really dunked on me with this amazing meme. The same liberal faggot who made this is the same dumbass who got three pokes in his arm and STILL got COVID. He ha, YOU’RE stupid!

These people are the same people that called themselves ” The Resistance ” when Trump was elected President of The United States. No pussies, Trump himself was actually the resistance – YOU talking vaginas are the establishment. What exactly are you resisting anyways? The right to free speech? The right to own guns? The right to refuse an unproven and un-effective vaccine?? Face it, YOU’RE ALL WORTHLESS AND WEAK ( as Douglas C. Neidermeyer would say )!!

I hated this Neidermeyer prick in the movie ” Animal House “, but boy, did he know how to deal with stupid fat faggot nerds. ” NOW DROP AND GIVE ME TWENTY!! ”

It’s just like one of the worst bands to ever exist in the 90’s alternative scene – that horrible garbage rap-rock band, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. Just a bunch of California rich-kid commies trying to pass themselves off as political revolutionaries. What exactly were they ” raging ” against? Poverty?? This retarded band of wannabe socialists spouting phony anger never had a bad day in their lives….they had a major label deal with one of the biggest record labels in the world, hit records, successful tours, critical acclaim, made millions of dollars, and even THEY couldn’t get along with each other!!! They spent their entire career preaching to everyone how to live their lives all while playing the same two chords and even THEY couldn’t make it work! The only reason why that shitty group ever reunited is for a HUGE PAYDAY and windfall of CA$$$$$H. You see? It pays to be a limousine Marxist like those dykes who founded Black Lives Matter.

Hi! We’re your favorite commie rap-metal band and you can see us play for $300 a ticket – stick THAT to the man, huh kids?? “

What does this have to do with being worthless and weak, you ask? Well, it’s simple. Most people don’t enjoy actual rebellion. Most people can’t take constructive criticism. Most people, when push comes to shove, will cave when approached with real conflict or adversity. And MOST will take the easy way out and just go with whatever the authority tells them. Like about a virus and its mutations. Like about pronouns and sexual gender. Like about so-called ” hate speech “. Most people are stupid and gullible. And…….


AMERICAN CURMUDGEON # 11 ” You’re All Worthless and Weak ”

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