AMERICAN CURMUDGEON : ” You shouldn’t be afraid to lose friends “


Life is short. But, in some ways, Life can be really, really long. You go through changes, some marriages fail, people have children, tragedy strikes you, relationships end, some get fired or leave jobs, families move, parents die, and the world keeps going on with or without your consent. That also includes friendships. Sometimes, they survive and sometimes they just…..don’t. You don’t have to be afraid of that. In fact, it can be liberating.

After four years of President Trump, a year and a half of being told to wear a mask and stay inside, and now being publicly SHAMED into jamming an experimental drug into our arms, is it any wonder that everyone just seems a bit crazy nowadays? Now take all of that negative energy and throw it onto social media for all to see, and you’ve got a recipe for complete emotional disaster. I have personally looked around at my so-called peers many times during the past year and thought, ” WHY THE FUCK do I still talk to any of you people?? ”

When you realize that you don’t have anything in common with certain longtime friends anymore, it can be a pretty jarring event. But once you understand that there’s nothing wrong with taking inventory with who you associate with, decisions can be made and toxic connections can be severed. In other words, YOU NEED TO KICK STUPID ASSHOLES OUT OF YOUR LIFE AND MOVE THE FUCK ON.

It’s been said for ages that you shouldn’t let something as trivial as politics come between friends and I’m here to tell you that I disagree. Not in 2021. Not after all the shit we’ve had to deal with. Some dickhead that I knew from somewhere years ago wants to tell me that Trump supporters are Nazis and that the Biden / Harris administration is good for this country? Fuck you and get the fuck outta my face with that noise. I don’t have any room in my life for that person anymore. It’s that sort of rhetoric that’s going to sink this entire ship, but not before they bankrupt and rob us of all privacy, information, and oh yes…our property. Have you been hearing that ” You Will Own Nothing, Rent Everything, and Be Happy “? Of course you have. These commie fucks have plans for you and your kids – so put on your mask, get your third COVID jab, tell everyone how happy you are on Facebook, and agree with CNN. Or else.

I don’t have to agree with people in my ” peer group ” who tote the Corporate-vetted line of Diversity, Equity, and Equality. No one has the right to tell me how I can or can’t dislike, make fun of, or even downright hate. It’s my brain, MY CHOICE. I don’t like democracy and Groupthink is NEVER a good thing. The only way to make it out of this downward spiral this country is in, is to be an INDIVIDUAL….because BEING AN INDIVIDUAL IS NOW SEEN AS AN ACT OF HOSTILITY AND INTOLERANCE. Good. You should be intolerant of bad ideas. You should be hostile towards bad people. And, you shouldn’t be afraid to lose friends.

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