AMERICAN CURMUDGEON : ” Shove your Vaxx passports up your ass “

” Hey, this is great. My local shithole bar really cares about my health. Here’s my papers to drink a PBR! ”

So, let me get this straight : A person enters your stupid bar after showing their vaxx papers or neg test to a door guy ( who I’m quite sure is a medical expert in his off-time ), is told to wear a mask at all times except for the tiny moment of when they can pull their face diaper down and take a swig off their drink? And then quickly put the mask back over their mouth and nose? Got it. This sounds like a solid business plan.

Just admit it. NONE OF YOU ASSHOLES ACTUALLY BELIEVE THIS SHIT. This is all just theatre.

The most baffling thing to witness are the plebs that are happily going along with this horseshit and yelling at the rest of us to be ” adults and do the responsible thing “. If you’re still on Facebook, you can look no further than groups like the Ferndale Forum, where residents constantly argue and call each other names 24-7. I’ve never seen a more self-entitled, smug, delusional, abusive, mean, ill-informed, and unattractive group in my entire life. These fuckers are absolutely puke-inducing.

This is gonna be incredible when they target the black, brown, and immigrant un-vaxxed population and inadvertently ( or planned ) kicking off a nationally enforced segregation. I already have a black friend whose Dad was greeted by a visit by the vaxx police asking if he had the jab yet. Think this isn’t happening? Think again, dicks.

QUESTION # 1 : If the vaccines really work, then WHY DON’T THEY WORK?

QUESTION # 2 : If you get the vaccine and you believe it works, then WHY DO YOU CARE IF I AM?

QUESTION # 3 : If fully-vaccinated people are still getting the Coof, then WHY DO YOU WANT EVERYONE TO GET VACCINATED?

These three questions are simple, I’ve been thinking this for a year, and no one has been able to answer me.

This is ALL about control. And this is yet another way that they can grab it.

Even driving to Milwaukee from Detroit, you have to drive through Illinois – and all of their mandatory toll road checkpoints. Don’t have your phone on you? No problem. You can pay later online! Are you a person that just wants to drive somewhere and you don’t have your phone on you? FUCK YOU, PAY ME. Are you an older person who doesn’t really use the internet or has a home computer? FUCK YOU, PAY ME. Are you someone that doesn’t have a credit or debit card? FUCK YOU, PAY ME. Do you want to actually just pay cash at the toll road booth? FUUUUUUUUUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKER. PAY US NOW. OR LATER. BUT YOU WILL PAY.

Make no mistake, this was NEVER about health. This was always about control, power, and money. And that is it.

If you go along with this shit, you are WRONG. If you are a punk rocker and you agree with this authoritative shit, you are NOT punk rock. If you think that capitulating this one time will lead to everything going back to ” normal “, you are going to be very, very sorry later.

THIS WILL NEVER END. You’re going to have to choose a side, so choose wisely.

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