AMERICAN CURMUDGEON : ” They NEVER want this shit to end. Ever. “

WHAT??? You mean to tell me that a major drug company is going to brag that their drug is better than the others? SHOCKING.

I predicted this from the beginning.

The rich elites that really run this world have no plans whatsoever to let this lockdown end. I knew this last year, and it becomes more and more obvious with every week going by in 2021. They don’t care about small businesses, they don’t care about children, they don’t care about mental health, they don’t care about poor people, and most of all….THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU.

This has always been a power grab from the start – designed to destroy our economy, kill our spirit, crush dissenting opinions, and bring all of us to our knees to obey the commandments from big tech, big pharma, and the U.S. government. It’s never been about health, compassion, or even the Coronavirus.

Amazon is making record profits, delivering products while everyone rots in their homes. Bezos just bought MGM for more than 8 million dollars, making him the owner of yet another huge media company. Why would he want this shit to end? He’s building a rocket ship so he can leave Earth and plant an Amazon flag on the moon!

It’s not in the interest of big business and the 1% to let everybody get back to work and freely breathe the air. It’s better to have all of the public vermin stay inside, looking at their phones, waiting on their couches to have their food delivered by Door Dash and be told what to think by CNN. Why would they want this shit to end?

I’ve never seen in any time of my life such blatant censorship and active discouraging of questioning authority. Not only from social media, but from average citizens, perfectly ready and willing to turn on their fellow man just for having a different point of view. When you look at someone in their car all by themselves with the windows up and wearing a mask….what are you supposed to think about that? It’s like knowing that a friend is using heroin. It’s sad and there’s almost nothing you can do to keep that person from being so stupid.

After almost a year and a half of living through the onslaught of media hype, lockdowns, businesses closing, public shame, violence, and death, America is just now starting to open up and get back to ” normal “…..and that scares the power elite because that means their human termites might start to think for themselves and possibly turn away from their corporate masters. The one thing you have to always remember is that when an organization gains any control they never willingly give it back.

So, it comes as no surprise that even after pushing the vaccine narrative just short of physically forcing needles into the arms of every single U.S. citizen and non-citizens, and after sensing that free-thinking individuals are NOT buying into the jab fear, the new tagline is ” the Delta Variant is coming! “…and some people are actually buying this garbage. Major drug companies like Moderna and Johnson & Johnson are already playing the PR game by touting that their drugs already protect against this new imaginary threat. Don’t trust their vaccine, use OUR vaccine….it’s the good one!

They never want this shit to end. EVER.

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