Fuck Facebook in its motherfucking face.

YOU – as in everyone in this country, need to leave Facebook. You owe it to yourselves to quit making Mark Zuckerberg money and giving him your personal information for free. This goes double for anyone who identifies as Conservative, Republican, Libertarian, Christian, and really anybody who doesn’t completely agree with the so-called ” woke ” Progressive Democratic party line. FACEBOOK HATES YOU.

I was addicted to Facebook for over 10 years. I joined in early 2007, but didn’t really start using it on a regular basis until mid-2009 when MySpace started shitting the bed. In those days, it was a super-minimal bare bones website that was in stark contrast to all of the loud music/bright lights/bells n’ whistles page layouts of MyTom’sPlace…and it was GOOD. It got straight to the point – no bullshit, no frills, no spills, just the facts, ma’am. It worked.

Then Facebook made a huge layout change in 2010 and the online world cried and yelled. Over time, users of Facebook ( including myself ) took every change after that with stride and began to become comfortable knowing that our information was being culled and then resold to us with targeted ads and product placement. Everybody I know has that now-familiar story of the time when they ” thought of something and then a moment later *GASP* saw that EXACT THING in my Facebook newsfeed “. Not for nothing, but IT WAS PRETTY FUCKING CREEPY the first ten times that happened to me.

The main problem with Facebook is how it snuck in and made itself such a central part of our lives. We shared pictures of our families, friends, important life events, births, deaths, divorces, triumphs…everything down to what we were eating in that moment of that day of that week of that year was all documented for all to see and experience later in the form of ” daily memories “….and that was all according to Zuckerberg’s master plan. No matter how soulless and robotic the man appears, he knows EXACTLY what he’s doing.

Facebook is in cahoots with the Democratic party, it is a Left-wing company, and has taken great steps ever since the election of Donald Trump to target conservatives ( or really anyone who disagrees with the Left ), and get them either censored or completely kicked off of the platform. Trump himself was finally banned from Facebook in January of this year to the surprise of no one, and just last week a new ” Extremist Warning ” was rolled out to ask users to snitch on their fellow man, not unlike the tactics used in George Orwell’s novel ” 1984 “.

The answer is simple. YOU HAVE TO LEAVE FACEBOOK. Get off of the platform completely. I was censored plenty of times over the years ( not for anything political, mostly just being an obnoxious dick. Although, one time I just typed the word ” Trump ” into a post and it was censored for ” hate speech ” – whhhhaaaattt? ), my account suspended, and then finally in December 2020, I got it through my thick skull that being a data mine for Fuckerburg was not the right thing to be anymore. I logged out of my account and never went back. I’m still on Instagram, which is owned by Facebang, but I don’t share anything personal there. It’s just to promote KMBP and the podcast. Is that any better? Probably not. Maybe I’m fooling myself, but Instagram feels about 57.463% less creepy and invasive than Facebook did. You do what you can.


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