I just got back from vacation after visiting the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for the very first time. My verdict? It was interesting and awesome.

Here’s my breakdown in a matter of points :

I didn’t wear or attempt to wear a mask the entire time. No one ever tried to ask or shame me into wearing one, either. 

NO MASK, MA! And, since it was a road trip, I could stop whenever I wanted and use whatever hate speech I chose.

The water was clean and the air was fresh. I went to both Lake Michigan and Lake Superior and I felt like a million dollars. I even stood on a BILLION-year old rock! 

Here I am on a large boat tour of the Pictured Rocks in Lake Superior. I smuggled some champagne onboard in a coffee mug.

The people seemed to be very genuine. Their accent was prevalent, but they were helpful and prideful.

There was a large bear that ran amok in a gift shop in Munising, but I was able to subdue it with my humor and attitude.

They are aggressively proud to fly their own flags and show off the “ bird / airplane “ pattern of the UP instead of the “ Mitten “ of the lower peninsula. They love to call themselves “ YOOPERS “.

I walk along many cliffs and saw many waterfalls. Somehow I survived a rockfall that I was previously warned about.

Lots of Trump signs, bumper stickers, and American flags around…very refreshing.

This was a gorgeous waterfall called ” Miners Falls “. This picture doesn’t do it justice whatsoever and I climbed a shitload of stairs.

The local homemade pasties were absolutely DELICIOUS. Especially with beef gravy.

I got this tender puppy from Muldoon’s. It was DELICIOUS. Look at that gravy!

The weather can change on a Dime…when in Munising, it literally changed every 15 minutes.

The weather in the U.P. can change every few minutes. My advice is to always have a winter coat, an umbrella, and a snakebite kit.

If you didn’t have the Internet or TV, you would never know there was such a thing as Covid. Except for a few mask signs on businesses, it didn’t exist up there.

I went everywhere to eat, drink, and shop without wearing a face-diaper and no one asked me to. Here I am eating a HUGE burger.

No BLM, LGBTQ, or rainbow flags or signs anywhere, constantly screaming their agenda at you. 

I met many interesting people in the U.P.

In Marquette, it felt a bit on the progressive liberal side, but without the agenda of a Ferndale. We met a younger guy who ran a spice shop who was a total free thinker and had an amazing conversation with him about how this Coof hysteria is just a trojan horse that the rich elite and Biden administration are using to take away all of our civil rights, medical privacy, and freedom of movement & speech. I bought some great habanero sauce, too. 

Here I am with Father Marquette, who was buried near an Indian museum in St. Ignace, Michigan. I was a little hungover.

This solidified my previous podcast about a national divorce in this country, where the liberals take the coasts and the free thinkers keep the Midwest. I really think this should happen and the U.P. would be an amazing sanctuary from all of the insane bullshit happening to what was once “ America “.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable road trip to the northern part of Michigan that the lower part doesn’t seem to think about too much. They love their food, fishing, hunting, hiking, beer, and above all, FREEDOM up there. If it wasn’t for their brutal winter season, I’d probably move to the U.P. and become a YOOPER forever.


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