AMERICAN CURMUDGEON : ” America Needs To Break Up “

Even SUPERMAN can see that this shit has run its course.


They hate you. They hate me, too. They hate us and want us to die. It’s no use arguing with them because they’ll never see the truth. They’re not interested in the big picture. They don’t want to find a compromise. They just want us dead.

….and WHO are they?

They’re the mainstream. Big Media. Big Tech. Big Pharma. Big Education. The rich elites who don’t follow ANY of the rules that they thrust upon the great unwashed masses whenever they see fit. The problem is that the progressive liberal left in this country think that those same rich elites are somehow their friends and are willing to go to war against Republicans ( who are just as corrupt and useless, btw ), libertarians, free-thinkers, and the right wing in general. What the left doesn’t realize is that they’re being used as pawns in this game that they’re not in charge of and they’ll be cast aside just as quick as anyone on the right.

The left are in favor of lockdowns, mask requirements, vaccine passports, cancel culture, censorship, self-hating racism, doxxing, and dismantling of basic American liberties all in the name of power, money, and control. It didn’t take long for AOC and the rest of her Marxist bitch squad to get swallowed up into the political machine of the establishment democrats, huh? She obviously has no interest in fighting on behalf of the people who got her elected – she’s now a Rich Elite and the rest of you are all of her royal subjects to be scoffed at or ignored.

So, WHAT do we do? WHERE do we go? HOW can we change this??


The free-thinkers can take the Midwest and Texas, and the liberal assholes can have the coasts.

Here’s the deal : All of the leftist shitheads can take the coasts – New York and California. The sane people can take the Midwest, and Texas, and…maybe even Florida just for fun. We’ll kick all of the liberal clamlappers out of Chicago, Ann Arbor, Austin, Louisville, and any other hipster-type city and they can all fuck each other in the ass on each side of the soon-to-be-broken up country. They can rename those new areas too : the east coast can be called ” The People’s Republic of Ohwatanassiam “, and the west coast would now be known simply as ” Rainbow Brite “. Those new ” city-states ” can fall right into full-blown Marxism and within a few years, all of the beautiful well-bred people will have the nice huge houses with electricity and plumbing, along with an abundance of food and gorgeous views, while the everyday working proles will feed off of each other’s scraps in the deserted cities that will suffer from blackouts and food shortages. In the meantime, us free-thinkers will have all of the Great Lakes, the beef, vegetable crops, the bars, wide-open spaces, changing of the seasons, a trucking & railroad system to make sure we’re all fed, our communities will have jobs, entrepreneurs will be encouraged and not being held back by socialist-commie brainwashing.

Imagine – a new country rising from the ashes of a failed experiment, where those who WANT to live here can do that, and those who DON’T want to be here can leave. It’s almost too simple. Could it work? I think it has to.

Let’s do it – LET’S BREAK UP. Do it for America!

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