America, welcome your Pedo-in-chief.

My god, have you ever seen a face that looked THIS creepy?? I’m hiding my guns, my children, and everything else that’s not nailed down.

Okay, everybody… looks like CNN, MSNBC, Twitter, FaceBook and 95% of all the residents of The People’s Republic of Ferndale, Michigan have collectively decided that a pedophile should be the leader of the free world and be in charge of the most powerful military force in the universe. Better or worse than a reality TV star with a weird combover? We shall see.

A dottering old kid-toucher and a commie cop. THAT’S your choice, Ferndale residents.

As FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and every fascistic big tech company censors and outright bans any and all dissenting opinions or thoughts from being expressed on their platforms, KMBP has its own pirate ship where we can say whatever the fuck we want. At least until we start getting popular and making any real money.

My fucking lord…just look at all of this kid-groping! My fist would never heal from the amount of punching I would give to this old man’s face if I ever saw him touching my kid like this. He deserves to be choked out and thrown into a lake.

Remember when anyone who voted or supported Trump was called a racist or sexist because somehow if you agree with anything anyone says, then you somehow magically BECOME THAT PERSON? Well, that can work both ways, too. Y’see, now that we have a Pedo-in-chief, anyone that voted for Creepy Joe is now A PEDOPHILE. That’s right – if you voted for Joe Biden, you fuck kids. It’s that simple.

This is every single musician, comedian, journalist, and entire staff of VOX and Buzzfeed all sexually excited about a Biden Presidency. They love Pedophiles.

There are so many celebrities that have shown their true colors and are just spineless crowd-following bootlickers. Hell, just comedians alone that have lost all credibility for being funny, rebellious, or even interesting is a list that keeps going on and on. Corporate liberal sell-outs like : Patton Oswalt, Marc Maron, Tim Heidecker, Jim Gaffigan, Jen Kirkman, Chelsea Handler….just to name a few. We’ll trash every single one of these cocksucking turds at a later date, don’t worry.

CUNT. Affirmative Action hire at best.

And don’t forget Kamala Harris, who is the REAL choice for President that the liberals want. Make no mistake, Creepy Joe is just a trojan horse to get this commie bitch into the White House. They weren’t going to take no for an answer, and now they have a person almost as bad as Hillary Clinton to tell them what to do. Can you imagine being scolded or talked down to by this garbage hooker? I’d rather slit my wrists than have to listen to this fucking twat blather on for five whole minutes. I wonder how she’s gonna deal with that terrorist gang BLM when they don’t get exactly what they want and start trashing cities and innocent businesses….probably NOTHING.

Oh well, enjoy your choices, America! We here at KMBP are gonna have an awesome time making fun of you every week.

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